To manage assembly and distribution of PEP 3 kits in order to allow the Peace Education Program to grow seamlessly with the global demand

ANSWERS TO: Program Manager for Peace Education Program


We are seeking a logistics support person who is comfortable with inventory control to assist with the assembly and distribution of PEP kits


• Order print materials from MagCloud; get other materials printed, such as DVD sleeves; purchase DVD cases; work with third-party vendors as necessary
• Assemble PEP kits, which generally include print materials and DVDs
• Distribute PEP kits as directed by Program Manager and respond to PEP 3 Kit requests from PEP Welcome Team Manager
• When packages are mailed, send email with tracking number to Welcome Team Manager and Program Manager
• Maintain a spreadsheet of PEP kits distributed
• Keep an inventory on hand (c. 25-50 kits)
• Manage budget and expenses of PEP kits under Program Manager’s direction


• Background in research and management helpful
• Detail oriented
• Able to create spreadsheets
• Budget and expense management skill
• Team player
• Responsible
• Self-motivated
• Consistent
• Good customer service skills

REQUIRED RESOURCES: Phone, Skype, email, and private computer


Training to be provided by the PEP Program Manager

LOCATION: U.S. Pacific time zone


3-4 hours per week


Send resume/work history and two references